July 17th, 2013

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Beware: a8scond

The issue is now resolved.

(edited to be more concise)
Chryssi, tumblr user vantae (previously barascar), and FA user a8scond
WHERE: Matters were discussed through Skype conversations.
WHAT: one (1) ref sheet and two (2) icons for tumblr. Paid $48 for the pieces.
WHEN: February 28th (discussion and payment) until now. No progress has been made at all, save for a “sketch” that doesn't come near to the price paid.
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lily blushu

madeofbutts - lost contact? being ignored?

edit2: they read the note on da and no reply or anything. well, i tried.png

edit: i tried to note them to link them to the beware, but their notes are off too- not surprising... i sent them a note on their da just for the hell of it, so we'll see how this goes.

: madeofbutts@furaffinity and deviantart, cripplesandwhores@tumblr (nsfw content on fa, and maybe the tumblr)
they've also voluntarily shut off their fa account to viewers so...
when: i asked about the commission on march 1st, expressing interest in buying a piece from them and paid same day when it was confirmed
what: a single character sketch of my oc, motya- they were given two characters to choose from and told me they'd choose him

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all in all, i'm pretty disappointed. i really like their work- hell, i adore their style, but the fact they're actively uploading on tumblr and ignoring me concerns me a little. especially when it was an innocent note, checking in on things since they deleted the image that notified people of their rl issues, which usually means it's no longer really relevant to keep up. i'd expect to get something back- hell, an 'okay, i've seen your note' on tumblr would've sufficed, or just a reply back to my note or just... anything. not this ignoring and then they disable their page so i can't even reach them through the place where they conduct business.