July 12th, 2013

Advice needed

Okay, I'm leaving names out of this until I know what to do, but lets to a long story short version.

June 22: I see a fursuit item on furbid I would like to by, it ends in a few hours, and no one has bid yet. I message the maker to ask if it doesn't sell could I grab it privately. An hour passes, still no bids and I go, whatever and set a bid and end up winning.

June 23: I get an email from the maker responding to me question about buying them privately, you know how much would I be willing to buy it for, when could I pay, shipping details. ( Mind you I also won the action, this should have been my first red flag. ) I receive no email in response to my winning the auction.

June 24: I respond telling the maker I was the winning bidder, and I wanted to know if there was any fur matching the item and it they were willing to sell it, I also send the winning bid amount to their paypal. We go back and forth a few times, they have two yards of matching fur, also did I pay shipping. No I only paid the amount the auction listed how much is shipping, 20, okay sent.

June 25: Agreed to pay 25 for the extra fur.

June 26: Payment sent.

June 27: Night, asked if shipped, response 'No, housing problem, will send asap' No worries, hope everything alright

June 28-30 : No contact

July 1: I email to check in for an update. Nothing in return.

July 2: Email again and let the maker know I'm getting nervous. Response: Sorry was sick and car is broke do to vapor lock, will ship as soon as things cool down. I respond to please keep in contact, I've been screwed over before and lack of contact make me twitchy.

July 8: I email ' Its been six days and still no contact, please ship tomorrow or I'm doing a charge back. And I will need a tracking number '

July 9: Get res ponce Sorry didn't see messages until just now, waiting until 10-12 for a friend to come over, they have a car will ship then. Will give tracking number.

July 11: I asked if they shipped yet, get a yes response, but no tracking number. So I asked for the tracking number and still no response. Only I know the fa account and they have been online all day.

What do I do here? How long do I wait to get the package? How long do I wait for the tracking number? Should I have asked for a return after the first excuse?

The second reason I'm worried about this is this maker already has two post here about them. I didn't know that at time of payment, but its making me even more nervous. I'm leaving names at at this point of time simply to avoid drama.