June 4th, 2013


Update: Stellary/Absinthe/Inky

An update for this post: http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/586057.html
Not sure how to format update posts, so...

WHO: Previously known as Stellary/Absinthe aka Inky/Nancy/Stellary on Chatlands, she has since changed accounts (surprise!) on FA and Chatlands.  She is now using the account Octodog on FA and Bobby on Chatlands, as well as Dogopus (NSFW) on FA.

WHERE: Main base: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/octodog, commission transactions took place on TheTotemLands (prior to closing) and on Serenity Isles

2 "poses" from TTL ($8 each) and 3 poses on Serenity ($13) each; one owed TTL pose completed
Totals about $47

WHEN: Commission began around June 2009, original post to A_B in 2012, added to refund journal in May 2012
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As if this community did not already know, avoid at all costs!


Advice wanted - Premade design used for tattoo

I've never had this particular situation come up for me before, so I'm not entirely sure how to proceed with it.

I received an email today about a tribal-inspired rabbit image that I have posted to my DeviantArt account. The email reads:

Hi Syn,
I hope you are well.
This is just email to let you know that I'm really interested in getting your tribal bunny as a tattoo but it won't be on display unless I'm topless. :p
Just wondering if you would be okay with this? (I'm not familiar with how people deal with artists and their artwork they wish to have tattoo'ed, sorry!) but I just wanted to ask how you felt about this and let you know that I will not be taking any credit for your artwork.
But on another note I would not be surprised if I wasn't the first person to want it as a tattoo :) really do love the design..
It will however be in the memory of my pet rabbit that I had for over 12 years. And I would love to have this as a tattoo.
Hope to hear from you soon

Now, this is where I'm baffled on how to proceed. I've done tattoo work with people before, but it's always been for custom work - the designs I've made have specifically been for the commissioner. This is the first time that I've been approached about using a pre-made design.

I do plan on insisting on full artistic credit for the design (though I'm not sure how to go about ensuring I get it), and I don't feel comfortable letting the design go without compensation. However, I don't know what would be appropriate as a royalty - should I give just a flat amount or a percentage based on the quote for the cost of the tattoo? Also, how would I go about ensuring full credit - would that be something I discuss with the person's tattoo artist directly?

Any feedback is appreciated.

ETA: So, firstly - thank you to everyone that left advice and feedback, I greatly appreciate it!

I've sent a response to the person that contacted me, which reads as follows:

Hi Millie. It's lovely to hear that you're interested in my art!

I've been considering your email over the course of the day and I would like to offer a proposal to you. You mentioned that you would be getting this tattoo in memory of your pet rabbit and I wonder, instead of using a pre-made design, if you would be interested in having a custom design made instead. I have done custom tattoo design work in the past and, if you are interested, would be delighted to work with you to create a design that's more personalized to you and the bond you shared with your companion.

I look forward to discussing this idea with you further.


Hopefully the person is receptive to the idea of a custom piece. :)


A user (I'll keep them unnamed for now) is claiming I owe them a commission. They refused to post a note or paypal screencap of said transaction and ended up turning to insults.

"ok let me note you then.
also i liked your art better when you were at DA.
i hate your new art its revolting and your anatomy sucks.
I just want my money back ive been waiting forever"

"I already said it. Dumbass. Try checking your owed list. "

"Wow you really art dumber than I thought you were. "

Even after asking multiple times for a paypal screencap, he refuses. He said I accepted the commission via DeviantART, and provided a username which is not mine. He keeps insisting it is me, and refuses to provide a screenshot and keeps threatening me with AB and reporting on FA. I keep asking for screencap, yet he refuses. For reference my dA account is under the username 'eatdicks' and I do not owe any commissions on it at all. I have also only owned one paypal, which I got when I joined FA, and I can have people back this up as well due to repeat commissions who had commissioned me back then. As of now he said he is noting me, but yet I have nothing.

I'm afraid to block him and have him go to the FA mods as they aren't really the best as looking in to things, and I don't want to be branded as a scammer because they didn't look in to it.

In all honesty he just seems like the kind of guy to not stop, no matter what, and I'm really tempted to just send him money, if it's just a small amount, to get him off my back.

What should I do?

EDIT - He has yet to note me, and posted rude comments on my ID. I have opened a TT for harassment.