May 30th, 2013

Advice about an adoptable.

Hello AB,

I posted awhile back about a M.I.A person who had bought an adopt from me years ago. Previous post can be found here:
I've tried making contact with him several times expressing my interest in buying back the adopt. I've left shouts ect and still nothing.

I've been told by a few friends some advice and was wanting to know what everyone on Ab thought of this. I'm iffy on it my self and wanted to run it by. They are suggesting I "take back" the adopt in question for use for my self, an OC again of mine, and then when Blackfox777999 comes back with a proper way to pay him for it, pay him then.

I of course am straddling this one. While I am a person who prefers to always pay up front for things, items, ect. I honestly don't know what would be appropriate in this situation. I don't know If he'll ever come back in contact with me or come back on FA, but in the same sense, I feel he is justified the money and I am willing to pay for it back at any time, since he offered it back to me in January.

What do you think the best course of action on this would be? Leave the matter be and wait for his return? Or take the adoptable back into my possession and pay him when he returns?

Thank you for the advice!

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who commented! I will definitely be waiting for him to respond back to me on the matter! 

Starfinder - Past Due Shout Out

Hey there everyone. At the suggestion of one of the mods here, I decided that it would be better to post this here rather than creeping through comments since it may still get lost in the shuffle that way.

So, if I still owe you any sort of artwork, please contact me at kannos[at] and let me know so I can work with you to create something that you will be pleased with. I no longer have a working printer so if those of you who wanted prints are okay with it, I can substitute a commission/illustration of greater value instead, or I can look and see if I can afford to get the prints made in a shop locally, although depending on the cost I may not be able to afford to do them all at once since my own finances are bearing down on me hard.

So, I am willing to work with you guys, just please keep it civil, don't bite my head off, and let's work together to get the few remaining folks off the 'unhappy' list and over to my 'happy' one (which is quite populated now due to all those awesome'pay upon complete' commissions I've churned out on Inkbunny over the past 2 years).

My new business model (well, not that new, it's been around for 2 years now) of 'pay upon complete' has been widely successful over on Inkbunny with 180+ commissions being completed that way, and the number continues to grow with each passing day. While the volume of commissions isn't enough to sustain all my bills/living expenses, it's certainly enough to cause people to take notice. I apologize to those who have fallen between the cracks using the old method years ago and would like to make sure they get something nice in the end. I also have no intention of ever switching from my current method because it works so incredibly well and everyone has been very happy with it so far, myself included. :) I hope that folks here are willing to see that and that those who have been upset in the past are willing to contact me and allow me to make amends with them.

EDIT: Here's a link to Kesslan's finished piece: I already e-mailed the high res to him, posted it on Inkbunny, and had a friend post a shout with the link on his FA as well.

Also, here are two of the WIP sketches so far for Utunu. I figured I would share these just so you guys see that stuff is being worked on :) (NSFW!)

EDIT 2: And here's art for Nushaa! She wanted some of my 'fuzzies' critters, so here they are:

EDIT 3: Finished 1 of 2 badges for Jaelyn!

I may edit this post periodically to add stuff like this. Hope that's okay with the mods here!

EDIT 4: Revised BatCountry/Lestat/goddamnanimal's piece as per his request, which can be seen here:

EDIT 5: Finished a backlog piece for Micha/mantitaur: