May 27th, 2013

artist beware


WHERE: Deviant Art

WHAT: 8.5x11 traditional delivery of a body character no background -traditional for $25.94

June 26th 2012:
inquired if open for commissions, received a yes and switched over to e-mail.
i will say from the get go he said he was going to be slow at the time due to having a couple of other things in que but i was ok with and so went with it.

July 3rd 2012:
I had waited to have the money in my account and at this time sent an email of the details of what i wanted.

july 13th 2012:
quoted for the final price and that i would be receiving the picture in the mail. Sent the payment.

July 25th 2012:
was told that he was starting the sketch. back and forth a few time on some other details.

October 15th 2012:
Had not heard from the artist in awhile, and while i knew he said he would be slow i decided to ask how it was going and if he had made any more progress. got same day reply and told i would get the sketch by Friday, if it was ok by me.

November 24th 2012:
Had not heard back but he sent an email stating he was finally sketching and attached a very basic sketch.

January 13th 2013:
Sent a happy new years email, saw he was uploading other art to DA and had not heard anything since. I promptly got a reply back stating he got over his head with his web comic and need to make a reschedule and that i should expect an update that week.

Feb 11th 2013:
i dropped the ball here, and just did not reply to him but either way i had never received an update that week in January. I received an email from him saying he was now unemployed and had free time to work. the next day(Feb 12th) I received an email with a .gif of the progress of the sketch and that there had been an accident with the original sketch and he had to start over.

March 29th 2013:
hadn't heard anything back since the last email and so asked how things were

April 14th 2013:
received a reply back with a sketch of everything, he stated he had a few things he wanted to fix before inking. sent a reply and i have yet to hear back

youll have to excuse me not quite sure how the linking of an image with a desc. of what it is really works.
i can make screen caps of the other emails if needed.

EXPLAIN: Normally I am a very patient person, i understand things happen in real life.And quite frankly so long as i am hearing something i am ok, especially if i think the artwork is worth the wait. What bothers me the most is being told i would get an update and then not getting anything. Or not hearing from the artist for quite sometime. I know he said from the get go he would be slow at first but i did not think it would at the rate of this taking almost a year. Had i known that i doubt i would have commissioned him at the time.
AB Modhat

Starfinder/Kannos Update

It has been brought to our attention that Starfinder/Kannos is attempting to petition themselves back onto Furaffinity. For those new or who don't remember, feel free to browse her tag for more information on her history. She was banned from Furaffinity for not finishing commissions for years and refusing to comply with admin requests.

This is a post to touch base with past commissioners and check to see if her statements that she owes no further work and is in the clear are true. This is not a post to attack her, be it here or on her inkbunny, and we will be taking action against people from here that we find commenting on her page after this post goes up.

So again, anyone who has commissioned Starfinder/Kannos, please let us know if she still owes you work. We will be taking the information we gain from this post to Furaffinity for them to review, good or bad. Links to past AB posts you have made or proof that she does indeed owe you would be more helpful than vague comments, thank you!