May 19th, 2013

Modicon by Kerstin

Mod Post: Shouts and other beware-ee contact

Due to the excessive posting on Cashoo's page by both involved and outside parties, we A_B mods have had to give several warnings. One of these was a warning to someone who was a customer who made an A_B post about Cashoo.

This was an exceedingly rare and unique circumstance. We mods generally encourage contact between parties in a transaction. However, if a comment is harassing, or if it expressly mentions Artists_Beware, that is a problem.

LiveJournal has certain rules about use of its website for harassment. While we mods try very hard to prevent others from using Artists_Beware as a means for harassment, some people still see our community as such. Therefore, we want to keep mention of our site on beware-ees' pages minimal-to-none. This includes comments made by someone who actually has legitimate business with that person.

We understand that we have not made the above clear in our rules, and will endeavor to correct that shortly. We have not given any "official" warnings just for mentioning Artist_Beware.

And as always, harassment of any kind by anyone (whether you have business with this person or not) is not allowed. Period. Don't do it.

Interpretation of what is harassment is up to the moderators. It is not always black and white and we have to make the call based on the current situation. When in doubt, just don't post on the beware-ee's page. It's that simple.

Those wishing to discuss this issue are welcome to do so here.