May 17th, 2013

Povus Shocked
  • keyoki

Who owns this product?

The Short of It: A gives money to B so that B can buy a product from C. This product is to benefit A. Does A have a right to tell C not to give said product to B?

The Long of It: I am party C in the above situation. A and B were doing a trade for two fursuits and B contacted me for two fursuit head bases. A gave B the money which they then passed on to me. The trade between A and B had multiple deadlines that were missed and when A inquired they were told that the delays were due to me.

I was told by B that I had plenty of time to complete the bases as they had not started on the suits which was never told to A. As the buck was passed on to me A started getting frustrated. I was eventually called by them and we shared information: they had never seen any progress on their suits and B had not completed multiple projects for other clients.

After the phone call A told me to hold onto their completed bases and fur them for them. Is this allowed? While it was their money that paid for the bases does the fact that it passed through a third party change who owns them? Them asking B for a refund would negate this problem but that would require more transactions.

Any advice is super appreciated! Please let me know if I can clarify anything.

EDIT: I was going to post this several days ago but LJ was being LJ so I had to wait.
Since writing this B has blocked me from Twitter, their main mode of communication. I assume it is because of my involvement with party A.