May 1st, 2013

Beware: Capt Rico Sakara

WHO: Capt Rico Sakara


WHAT: $30 digital art commission

WHEN: From roughly October of 2012 to April of 2013

PROOF: Payment sent:

Conversations on commission updates and attempts to contact:

1st refund attempt:

2nd refund attempt and Artist_Beware warning:

EXPLAIN: Basically, I had paid for a commission back in October. His way of the business was the customer put down half the commission price as a pre-payment and then pay the rest for the approved sketch. So I made the payment and waited for him to get work on it. I had him added in my skype and asked them occasionally how the commissioning was going and he'd always said he'd get to it soon. However, during the whole 6 months, he had only uploaded 2 pictures from 2 year overdue commissions. After almost 7 months of waiting, I just asked for a refund. He hesitated at first, but I finally got my money back.
My basis for this, DO NOT COMMISSION HIM! He'll take your money and make you wait for months on end. He keeps putting commissions off to write fan-fiction and play online games and when you try to ask for a refund, he'll try and manipulate things to make you seem like the bad guy. He is incredibly rude and I would not recommend him for artwork to anyone!