April 14th, 2013

Tumblr User Pleg

I've not posted on LJ in a while, as I've been more active on Tumblr, but I felt that those who still deal between the sites might appreciate the heads up.

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Edit: Situation has been resolved; she got back to me finally and is issuing a refund. Still rather irritated that this took so long, but I'm glad it's done with.

Advice wanted - Delayed payment on a custom logo

Earlier tonight, I was approached by a former college classmate about drawing up a small logo for her to use for I'm presuming a home-run business of some kind.

The message she sent me:
Would there be anyway you could do a quick logo for me for a business? I wouldn't be able to pay you...at least right now... but Im just looking for something quick, easy, and small

I haven't responded to her yet because I'm honestly not sure how to approach this. On the one hand, it could well be simply a case of not having the money to pay for the work up front, but the wording of her message almost seems as though paying me for the work is coming as an afterthought, which makes me uneasy. I have done work on payment installments, but again, the wording of her message seems as though she's got no money whatsoever to apply to even a deposit on the work.

Thoughts on what would be a good way to proceed with this?

ETA: I've gone over all the comments - thanks ever so much for all the feedback, I appreciate it immensely! - and I've sent off the following response to her:
Hey <redacted>.
If you would be interested in commissioning me for a logo design, my current starting rate is $50 for the design itself and $250 for the sale of non-profit, indefinite usage rights. (For-profit usage rights would require a seperate contract, with cost determined on the basis of what the projected profit margin would be on the sale of any items bearing the logo.)
Design work in particular is an exceptionally time consuming process, even for smaller pieces and, while I appreciate your interest in my work, I'm not able to take on unpaid work of that magnitude.