March 20th, 2013

Commissioner is MIA:

Hi all, advice needed!

I do custom shoe art, and I was recently commissioned by a Tumblr follower for a pair. They sent the payment (as well as a very generous tip) promptly, and we collaborated via asks on what they wanted. Ever since I received the payment, however, I haven't been able to get in touch with the commissioner. I sent an email about 4 days ago with the WIP of the nearly finished shoes for feedback, and to also tell them about some other things I planned on adding on. They didn't respond to it. I've also sent two asks as well since sending the email {they've "liked" a few things on my page during this time, and seem active on the site), and also no response. I know Tumblr isn't the most reliable way to speak to a customer, and asks can get lost/not sent, but how should I go about this? I'm afraid of completing them without feedback, and don't want the commissioner thinking I took their money and ran. At this point, I've used the only two means of contact I have to get in touch with the individual. :( Help?

Edit [3/22]: Still no luck getting in touch with them. At this point, I'm feeling like I should give it another week, and then send back a partial refund (minus what I spent in supplies, and provide proof of receipts). Does that sound like a good plan? I would let the commissioner resend the money at a later date, if I was finally able to contact them.

Edit [3/27]: Decided to mail them as is this Friday. But the commissioner finally got back in touch with me today! Yay!

BEWARE: Pirate-Cashoo

WHO: PirateCashoo (FA)/(DA)
WHERE: Furaffinity/Gmail
WHAT: I ordered a HQ Colored Fullbody of x2 Characters
WHEN: I sent the initial email with details on August 31th 2012

PROOF: Commission Journal - Notes - Emails - Paypal Payment

EXPLAIN: I discovered Cashoo through A_B and decided to give her a go since her past cases were resolved and thought she'd changed, I saw she was looking for some help to raise money for her first months rent and decided to jump on the deal. After discussing details with my boyfriend I went ahead and sent her the email as well as the payment of $185 plus another $20 for the detail background after finally hearing from her on the 9th of September, then on the 13th of October she requested yet another $20 for props (his guitar) I told her if things went well with my other commissions I'd pay it off to her.

After my last email which was sent on the 14th of October I sent another on the 19th of November asking how she was doing and how the commission was coming along (I also sent an email during some down time on FA on 09/10/12) with no response until I sent another email on November 23rd after reading her latest beware here, I let her know how I felt about the emails she was sending and didn't want my commission experience to end up like this and suggested that she try to show her customers that she is working on their commissions through private or public live streams, talk to me about a deadline she could meet (which we never did), or even update me again on any progress on my commission. From her response it felt like she didn't even read or understand my email to her and began to ramble about things that weren't even relevant to the email. She told me she'd give a more thought out and thorough reply, which I never got and I continued to pester her on the same day she sent me the email responding to mine and then on every month since this year started - Jan 7th, Feb 5th, and March 3rd with nothing back from her.

EDIT #1: Corrected a typo and adding a screenshot of my latest email to her after posting on her Deviant Art page stating that I had posted her here and would be emailing her soon.
From Me: Email - 03/22/13

EDIT #2: I'd like to add that I am considering a chargeback or following the flock of those wanting to contact Paypal together to get them to look into what she's doing (or rather not doing) and getting her to either complete our commissions(?) or give us all refunds to the work she has not completed. An Email regarding my previous post to this edit.

EDIT #3: Awhile ago I sent an email giving her a deadline of April 29th 2013 to either complete the commission, refund, refund+give permission to the rights of the image to have it altered by another artist. She has not emailed me back so I'm going to assume "No" for all of those requests, I'll be getting my boyfriend to file the charge back since this was going on during our shared Paypal/Bank Account time and I'll update with how things are going/went.

EDIT #4: We've contacted Paypal Customer Services and received a refund for our September 22nd transaction of $20 and have been instructed to contact our bank for a chargeback for the initial transaction of $190. Paypal has informed us that we should see our money within 24hrs from the call. - This can be marked as resolved!
Also for anyone with Bank of America you have a very slim chance at getting back money past 60 days of initial transaction (what we were told) but they told us they'd look into it (could take up to 90 days) but it is very unlikely that they'd go through with it.

EDIT #5: After about a month or so of getting the money back for our commission out Bank went and took it back... So I dunno if anyone would count this as resolved still (my boyfriend personally doesn't because now we're in the negatives because of it).