March 18th, 2013



This is my first post here so forgive me if I am doing something incorrect.

I commissioned an artist back in late November (I don't intend for this to be a beware yet, so I won't get into details.) When January came I asked if I could have an update on the commission status. They told me they were finished with one piece and would be sending me it, but never got a link. I just recently went through their tumblr and found my piece, so I don't know if they forgot to send me it or what. In February I asked them again on how my commissions were going, but I haven't had a reply. I have sent them a note a few days ago inquiring about it again, but it is still unread despite that they have been recently adding pictures to their favorites today.

Am I being too pushy about this? It's been a few months and I don't mind the wait, I just want some verification that it is being worked on. I can't help feeling that I am intentionally being ignored.

In need of some help

I'm in some need of help, I commissioned someone over on FA for a fursuit head. I traded them over 400$ worth of Pokemon items for the head, we agreed on a deadline of March 22nd about 5 months in advance. So I've been waiting around 7 months for this, not a huge deal I know, and I'm willing to wait more, it's just I haven't gotten ANY W.I.P pictures. I have asked several times for some, and this person made several now broken promises to send me some. I was thinking that if the head isn't done on the 22nd I will set a firm line, eather give me SEVERAL W.I.P photos, send back all of my items, or pay me over 400$ as a form of a refund. Is that a rational action to take? Is it to harsh? And to the fursuit builders out there, is it really that hard to send some W.I.P photos to a paying customer? I mean I do take art commissions, and I have no problem giving updates/W.I.P photos.

EDIT: Whoops I meant 400 not 4000, sorry.