March 14th, 2013

fen flux falvie


WHO: xk2x


WHAT: It was a stylized, SFW pinup of my character, Fen.
(emails/names that are appropriately blurred, PMs/Notes, IM logs, etc.). By conversation we mean the details hashed out between you and the Artist/Customer for said order(s).

WHEN: I am unsure exactly when I first contacted her but it was a day or two before payment was made. payment was made on the 10th of December 2012.
After seeing her put up commissions that were advertised after mine, I sent her an email on the 16th of February asking for an estimate of the completion time.
On March the 2nd I sent her another email asking for a refund if she was unable to do the commission within a week.
And on March 12th, I still had not got a refund or my commission.

EXPLAIN: I commissioned xk2x for a stylized pinup of my character and paid for it on the 10th of December 2012. (Her accepting my commission and proof she got the payment) (journal in which she advertised the pinups) (Paypal proof)
I realized something was going wrong when I had seen her submit commissions that she had advertised for after she had accepted mine and I decided to ask her for an estimated time of completion. (SOME of the commissions that were advertised after mine and completed)
At this stage it was now over 2 months since I had paid for my commission.
She told me that she couldn’t give me an eta, but that she would hopefully have them done within the next fortnight. (Email)
At nearly 3 months (March 2nd), I sent her an email saying that if my commission would not be finished by the 10th of March, I would like a refund. She replied that she would refund my money. (Email asking for refund)
On March the 11th (still not having got a commission or refund) I asked when she would have the funds to refund me and I now have to wait until Friday 15th of March to see if those funds come through. (Asking about the refund again)


I was refunded on the 17th :) finally!

Despite some people telling me that I should take this down now that its resolved, I'm not going to. I want people to be aware that this artist HAS stuffed me around.