March 11th, 2013

BEWARE - Pirate-Cashoo

WHO: Pirate-Cashoo


WHAT: I was interested in a 135$ full detailed commission. I wanted to pay half because I didn't have the full amount at the time and she accepted.

WHEN: Made first half of payment once the commission was accepted Jan 16th 2012.

PROOF: The screen-cap above of my payment is unfortunately the only proof I have that hasn't since been deleted by her.

EXPLAIN: I paid for this commission excitedly. I assumed if I still had 60$ waiting for her at the end of it she would be more likely to finish. Around Sptember-October I had left her a shout on her FA page saying I wasnt interested in paying any more since it had taken so long and asked for a reduced quality commission for the 67.50$ I had paid rather than a detailed piece. She was fine with it. Though she gave no apology for lack of updates for months on end and no WIP photos. She told me she had started it and had sketched it multiple times and started over. (Lies). She had been accepting more and more commissions all the way up to December with no update on mine. I let it be and didnt really think about it until recently. I had read her journals about living issues and figured she was more active. So I left a shout on her FA account once more now that its been months since the last time I contacted her.

I also contacted her on her on her DA, Tumblr and through email all with no response.

EDIT : March 19th 2013

I left a shout on her Deviantart page once I noticed the note I sent her had been read, but not responded too.
She responds with reasons as to why she couldn't just reply letting me know she has too many refund requests. It doesn't take long to type one to two sentences as to whats going on. But seeing as how giving sob stories is her primary defense. I could see it taking her forever to respond to people.
She is already having to convince her LAND LORD that she can actually pay her bills even though shes admitted to not having much money at all. Really shows that she can be manipulative even in serious life situations. Throughout the entire spew she really only spoke about herself. I felt as though she only responded to my post so that other people/customers could see it.

She also /refuses/ to give me a refund because the commission is supposedly already in progress. Yet she gives me no work in progress.