March 8th, 2013

  • latiro

Advice needed

I'm not name-dropping, I just want some advice regarding the commissioner

On Dec. 21, I opened a journal for experimental cell-shaded commissions. The moment I posted the journal, someone left a comment wanting a spot. I told them to send the details of what they want on their commission via PM, but they never did. I even left a polite reminder about it, they still didn't answer.

I sent them a PM on Feb.28 and told them I've canceled their commission, thinking they weren't interested in it anymore. They replied, saying they didn't have enough to afford the commission, which is understandable.

Lately, I've been hearing some rumors about the commissioner's bad history/business ethics and several artists were having problems dealing with them. I was pretty much shocked I even had the commissioner on the list (before I canceled their commission)

What should I do? Should I blacklist this person and block them? Because I don't wanna have the same negative experience with them like other artists did.

Thanks in advance!