February 18th, 2013


Advice: Specialty Printing Services?

Since I'm not having a whole lot of luck with my google-fu I thought I would try asking here to see if I'd have any luck. :)

I'm trying to find a printing service (or most likely services) where I can get specialty images printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. I'm trying to find anyone of the following but not having much luck:

-Black light printing (I found only one site and you have to order in bulk)
-Glow in the dark printing
-Shiny/sparkly/holographic printing (mostly I seem to keep find printing services for security stickers).

I'm not sure if I'm using the wrong keywords, looking in the wrong places, or would be better off just trying to find printer ink to use in a regular printer or what. Most of the print shops I've seen offer printing on various items (mugs, T-shirts, posters, etc) but don't really offer different types of printed images like I'm looking for or only do that kind of printing on T-shirts.

Any advice on places where I could get this done or even just suggestions on where/how to search would be most appreciated. :) Thanks!