February 7th, 2013


WHO: FlyingFire is her user name and her first name is Carrie. 


WHAT: Traditional 2 character Sketch.

WHEN: I commissioned her in August. 40.00 for down payment I gave her all the information she needed to get on a rough sketch.  Due date was Dec. Granted I've been busy but I've checked on her every now and again but I think I got back to talking about it in Nov or early Dec I told her I was fine with delaying the due date to Jan.  She was asking about the final 40.00 which I paid the final on Dec. 9th  Update 07/10: please read below.Collapse )

I may have not stayed on track with this artist through every step but honestly I think more artist prefer people not to get with them on daily basis. I did remind them in a journal prior which I think that is when they brought up the 40.00 final that was in Nov.  I still feel if you did not provide any proof of art done you are stealing from the buyer.  This person is on the same level of scam artist as far as I'm concerned.

Updated Feb. 10th, 2013   Flying Fire got back to me shortly after the shout I mad on her FA account.  Basically I was angry she had not provided and I had figured some public attention would get her attention and maybe create some results, which it did.  I have provided proof of 95% of our conversations.  I feel the other 5% is non-important as it doesn't really say much.  I've not replied back to her as frankly I don't feel this art is really worth 80.00 but with her cat going to the vet. I really doubt I will get the 40 back.