January 17th, 2013

no communication artist

Who: severuscoil

Where: FA/email
NSFW---   http://www.furaffinity.net/user/severuscoil/

What: $100 full color 2 char commission

When: July 28 2012 - present


1) severuscoil posted a journal opening commissions on july 28 2012 for the month of august 2012 (http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3699865/)

2) after emailing back and forth my commission was accepted as you can see here on his front page
                (NSFW---   http://www.furaffinity.net/user/severuscoil/)

3)  the payment was sent  NOTE: the names and transaction id have been erased

3) after waiting awhile i noted him on FA (AUG 21) and he responded that he was almost done

4) i haven't heard anything since despite numerous emails and FA notes

What i want:
i would like either a refund or the picture

UPDATE (jan 22 2013):
i was able to contact severuscoil and i had the following conversation

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UPDATE #2 (jan 22 2013):
i have been shown a line of my commission and been assured that it will be finished soon i am pretty optimistic at how the artist is working with me

UPDATE #3 (jan 26 2013):
promised commission completed :)

another no communication artist

Who: pranktail

kinda NSFW -- http://www.furaffinity.net/user/pranktail/

What: $120 one char fullbody fully shaded pic

When: May 11 2012 - present

1) contacted pranktail about a commission and was accepted

2) payment sent     NOTE: names and transaction id erased

3) back and forth emails for awhile and 3 sketch versions

4) last email and i approved sketch ver # 3 on AUG 17 2012

5) no communication since despite numerous emails and notes

What i want:
i would like my commission finished or a refund

UPDATE ( jan 17 2013 ):
found pranktails alternative DA account and messaged her

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asked for the refund, was informed that i will be refunded on/around jan 25 2013

UPDATE ( jan 29 2013 )

as of yet no refund or responses to my notes

UPDATE ( jan 30 2013 )

response to my notes indicating that paypal is being slow or she might have made a mistake
with the transfer as the money has not arrived in her paypal yet

UPDATE ( Feb 4 2013 )
as of yet no refund

UPDATE ( Feb 5 2013 )
pranktail has now refunded me in full, the dispute is resolved