December 31st, 2012

star wars cial nixon?!

Commissioner Beware: FurtheReanimator

WHO: Derpychuian on FA, Fur-the-reanimator on Sofurry, Nikitak_Thief on Steam, Derpychu on tumblr. (I SUSPECT he went by other aliases before now, but I don't know what they are. He has now moved on to the brony community as well, so be aware.)
WHERE: Does business through Sofurry or e-mail. Changes his email frequently. Now in the brony fandom?
WHAT: stalking, fake suicide attempts, commissioning grudge artwork
WHEN: From winter 2011 to now
PROOF: Journal post from his first fake suicide, grudge artwork commissioned, (WARNING: rape/choking trigger, VERY NSFW), first paypal where he attempted to bribe me to speak to him, second paypal where he attempted to bribe me to speak to him, suicide threats sent to a third party, guilting a third party about how poor he is while simoltaniously spending 40$ on commissions.

EXPLAIN: tl;dr This person joined the MU* I moderate, and commissioned me for a few images. He began stalking me and made suicide threats as a means of "testing" my supposed friendship with him. After I cut off contact he escalated it to commissioning unsuspecting artists to draw rape pictures of my characters. I'm just asking folks not to take those commissions.

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Beware Juniperberri / SainteCiel

JuniperBerri A_B
Deviant: Juniperberri, SainteCiel

Important Edit: I fixed/retook some of the screenshots to make them more visible, hope this is a little less confusing now!

Where: DeviantArt

What:A 10$ flat colored Digital Drawing of JuniperBerri's character Monarch ( Link here )
(old link deleted, here is a dropbox link instead: )
Commission Taken: December 20th 2012
Commission Finished: December 26th 2012
Set Date Payment Was Supposed To Be Recieved: December 26th 2012

Poll Prooving she wanted to take Commissions:
(screenshot: )
Note Proving She Agreed to The Payed Date(screenshot):
Poll Comments of the Commission Agreement:

Explain: When I saw the Poll JuniperBerri had created about wanting to take Commissions, I commented and she told me she was low on money but she would send the payment when she got payed. Being nice, I told her i could wait until she got payed, and she told me she would pay me on Wednesday of December 26 2012. When that day came by and I had posted her Commission, she told me she would pay me that day when her money was transfered into the bank. I waited, and I have not seen that Payment yet, and everey time I have sent her a Note asking why she has not payed, i have not recieved a response and when I said something about it on her Shouts, she deleted the Comment, as well as the comment I made on a journal she creadted saying that she was not going to pay anyone before they made the Commission (found here )

EDIT: Made a Screenshot of Juniperberri's "ugh" Journal just in case.>>

EDIT 1-12-15: So its been a while since the last update for this. I happened to log in today to find a notification saying that Juniperberri(however they have changed their name to SainteCiel ) has uploaded the unpaid art piece! Funny that they actually credited me as the artist, I probably wouldn't have found out otherwise. Even so, if it is not removed (as I have kindly asked them to do) I will report them to the DA Staff and hopefully they will take it down for me.
Screenshot of the re-upload:
So far it looks like they have denied the knowledge of not paying for the Commission.
New Edit: I'll let the screenshot explain itself, but they did remove the submission. However, they have not made any indication that
they were going to pay for it. Screenshot: