December 28th, 2012

  • dripbat


I know there are a lot of these type questions floating around, but nothing for the specifics that I require.

Anyways, basically my sister and her non-profit want to hire me to do some designs of their mascot that they could use on their website, in vlogs, on merchandise, etc. I support their site's view and I am happy to undercut my work a little as a donation for their cause.

However, I don't know what to charge. I've only done private furry commissions. I've charged very little for my work, and I have since "quit", and haven't done any in months. The drawings would be in a "Hello Kitty" or other Sanrio character quality. Just a very simple character, flat colored, in various poses with props and/or costumes.

Here is something relatively simple to get an idea, minus the shading:

What would a good quote be for a single drawing of this nature, and for how it would be used? Even if you'd only have a basic idea that would be fine. Right now I have no clue at all what to charge and I don't want to start spouting numbers at them that are either too low or too high. (Even if you're not sure how much of a discount would be appropriate, I'm willing to approximate from there as long as I have a ballpark.)

Thanks so much for the help!!