December 22nd, 2012

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Quick Mod Note!

We're aware of the post by jalmu that has been locked down (comments hidden from community) without our permission. Unfortunately we cannot undo it as LJ doesn't give moderators that freedom.

Jalmu has been given a grace period to fix this.

Thank you all for contacting us about it. We appreciate it very much.
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Advice - Selling prints of Commissioned pieces

I've recently heard of an artist who is selling prints that contains other people's characters. The art and style is her own, and the art with characters are either gifts or commissions. The prints for sale include the original piece uploaded to art sites, without any recoloring or hiding others' characters. Should people buy these prints, it's basically making money off of others' designs, right?

It's not okay, right? Is it legal? Rude? Or just frowned upon?

How should someone handle this kind of situation if the artist in question is a friend?

Any advice, A_B?

Edit: Thanks everyone for your very useful replies! :)
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Advice Post Repost: jalmu

While we do not usually repost for advice posts, the content of this particular post was actually of value, since what is and/or is not okay in a ToS is often a big question in artists_beware. Therefore, the locked down post by jalmu is being reposted in full, with screencaps of the comments as well.

For disrespecting the rules and community as a whole, jalmu has been permabanned.

Update 12/24/12: We are aware that jalmu has deleted the post. Nothing changes. This repost remains, a defaced copy of the post remains on DreamWidth, and we have a screencap of the post forthcoming.

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