November 30th, 2012



About a month or so ago, I was commissioned by a friend for a sketch. They paid, I drew it, they loved it and end of story. A few weeks later, he dropped me a note telling me about an artist who was taking color commissions. I thought he was asking me if he could have it colored. I wasn't comfortable with that and told him that, but if money didn't exchange hands, he could. He didn't reply. A few days later, I saw that he did pay this other artist to color my work. I asked him about it but he claimed it shouldn't matter as he had done the same with other artists and they "loved what he had done."

I attempted to post a beware but something happened with the code and LJ and it was rejected. I have to admit, I was somewhat relieved as I considered him a friend and thought maybe I acted too rashly. So, it was rejected and I left it alone.

However, it's been brought to my attention that the artist he had commissioned to color it, has made a point on her page to call me out and not to commission me as I am "jealous and not a pro." I have not had any contact with this artist at all.

My question is should I post a beware on both of these people? I'm just torn on it.


Stay away from Vanyabear

WHO: She goes by Vanyabear
and her old name was Shwee

WHERE: I commissioned her on fa through her vanyabear account

WHAT: I bought two badges off of her when she was having a sale, they were traditional badges laminated with clip. She started deleting all of her submissions after I bought them though so no screencap.

WHEN: I paid for the badges August 29th 2012.

PROOF: Paypal payment

EXPLAIN: I contacted vanya on one of her submissions during a sale for badges she was having and paid for the badges August 29th later that night.

She posted on my page pictures to the badges the next day. Aug 30th.
Shortly after she posted them to my page she deleted them from her gallery. The pictures were of two finished, laminated badges of my characters though.

Two and a half weeks went by and I sent her a simple and friendly shout asking if she had shipped the badges.
She replied with this Sept 19th
The journal she is talking about she deleted less than two days later.

The end of the month came and went, and a month after the last shout I sent her another asking again if she had sent the badges yet.
She replied on October 18th saying that she would have them out the NEXT DAY.

I didn't get the badges in the mail so I asked her again this time I was getting impatient because I wanted the badges for a convention on November 3rd.
October 26th
She told me to read the journal she posted, which said that she just had a minor surgery and was in the hospital for a couple days. Now I understand that she wasn't feeling well but at this point I had already waited 2 months for these badges and she had no excuse for the previous delays.

At this point she had explained in her surgery journal that she was too broke+busy+sick to do anything.
She then posted this journal begging money and commissions for a dildo from bad dragon
Oct 30th
I felt I had to ask her again when my badges would be shipped. She was already taking on new commissions but she didn't have the time to ship out one envelope. I then threatened to post her here on Artists Beware. She said she was shipping the badges with a refund as soon as she could make it to the post office.

Another month had come and gone and I never received anything from Vanya.
Then on Nov 27th she posts this She took the time to go through and delete all of her submissions, journals, shouts and favorites and all out abandoned her account.
On the Journal two other people beside myself commented asking "what about our refunds?" So I started talking to other people who had commissioned her. She left every single one of us without a way to contact her and never refunded anyone.

The next day Nov 28th the account that she had "given" to her "friend" posted a shout

I won't lie, I don't believe for an instant that she gave away her character and her brand new fursuit to anyone.
I sent her "friend" a note asking if there was anyways to contact her.
They tell me that Vanya is without internet and that is why she is no longer online.
Yet I still see her posting updates on facebook
There are also no posts at all about her having a surgery on facebook and it's pretty obvious that she is still the owner of her Demitri character.

All I can say is stay as far away from this person as possible. She owes money to so many people and I am surprised she has never been posted on here before. I never received my badges or any sort of refund or even an apology.

UPDATE: She did send me a refund for the badges on the 11th of December but today(Dec 14th)she sent me an email calling me a stalker even though all these screen caps were all directed at me or were posted publicly.
I had hope for her when I saw that she posted her suit up for sale to pay back all the money she owes, but then a friend linked me this
Apparently she plans on spending all the money for refunds on a new $800 suit when she is only selling hers for $700.
Needless to say after the whole experience with her I hope to never hear from her again and I wish the best for the other people she owes money to.

Artist Beware

WHO: TrickyBunnie (now known as Countess-Noir)-main account: Heavy-Inamorato


WHAT: digital art-2 characters, Lineart-$8 in total

WHEN: August 16th 2011-present

PROOF: The exchange of details-

The payment to her Paypal account-

The note i sent to her in January, along with her reply (she replied using her main account)

The final note i got from her before i didn't hear anything more from her-

EXPLAIN: I saw that she was doing commissions sometime last year and her prices looked pretty decent-so i sent her a note asking to commission her to draw two of my characters from my WIP project.

We then exchanged notes and i sent her the payment (this was August 2011), i then noted her sometime in 2012 asking her about the progress, she then noted me back apologizing for taking so long (i don't mind waiting for commissions as i'm quite a patient person) so i said to her it was alright.

I then noted her in March 2012 asking about the progress, she replied back saying that it just needed to be inked in and she apologized again for taking so long with the digital drawing ( and the fact she was doing two job shifts)

I noted her back saying "thanks for keeping me informed" then i was getting a little anxious.

Since then, i have yet to even see a work in progress of my commission....she has even gone as far as deleted her commission status on her Countess-Noir page.


Just a quick update regarding the year long commission with the artist i mentioned in the previous post.

I sent Countess-Noir a note asking for the progress of the commission and if it was possible for a refund.

An hour later, she noted me back asking me for my Paypal address (which i gave her)...and this morning, she send me my $8 dollars back.

Note regarding refund-

Paypal-refund received!-

Though i'm pleased to get my money back-i won't be commissioning her ever again.