November 22nd, 2012

lost Contact, Please help?

WHO: TheRoyalBanana/ Jing the Ranga

WHERE: Fur Affinity/

WHAT: For a fursuit head/tail

WHEN:  First commissioned April 26th, 2011---Last reply September 28th, 2012

(last head update with old eyes)
(New eyes, not sure installed or not)
(Last message I've gotten from her)
(last message I've sent to her, asking for the product, has not been read)

EXPLAIN: I am looking for any info or contact with TheRoyalBanana...She may go by that name, or Jing the Ranga. I reasonlty lost contact for a few months now, and I'm getting worried..I commissioned her for a head and tail and I have not gotten the product. I've seen pics of what it looks like and have gotten updates, until she kinda fall off of the planet of the earth. Also from what I've seen on her page, she been going to cons and such, so I do know she's still alive...So yeah I don't know if she is avoiding FA or not...and I am not the  only one who commissioned her, my friend also did...We just want answers....