November 19th, 2012

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Pricing help (please read!)

Hey all, I had a question for those of you who have done art outside of little commissions for the furry community. A friend of mine contacted me about doing a t-shirt design for a few of his buddies who are in a local band (We aren't talking The Black Keys here or anything). It's something fun and cartoony and I have no idea how to even start thinking about a base price. Does anyone have any pointers, or figures to throw at me? Like I said, I'm not really worried about these guys making bank of my design or whatever, I just have no idea how to price things for "real world" consumption! 

Here's what I know:

- It's a single character design, something the band thought up for fun, I would normally charge around $25-$30 for within the      furry community
- It will be used on fliers to promote the band, probably posters too
- And if it's eventually used for shirts, it will be for the band members and their crew only, not for sale

I know that designs are usually sold for a lot (though more when they're used for something like shirts that will be sold to the public)- I'm just wondering what a good way to go about pricing would be. Any suggesstions are appreciated, thank you!


Artist in Question:


URL where they base their business out of:  (They request commissions here, too) (WARNING –NSFW  adult site)

Time Period:


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