November 9th, 2012

Problems with Paint/Skink

It should be noted that this beware is similar to one that already exists on Paint, posted by Acroth.

As you can see from this old journal by Paint.

We're both on there (I'm ADF). The only difference is Acroth had the sense to go after a refund opportunity were as I stuck around longer, naively thinking if I was just patient and showed understanding during delays; that Paint would either do my art or refund me eventually. But here I am months on, still waiting. I stuck with her all this time and I'm afraid to say I am no better off for it :( I wish I didn't have to post this, but I haven't much choice given the present situation.


Paint, they prefer Skink but I'm used to calling them Paint.

Where: (NSFW page content if you have an account)


Three separate commissions agreed at different dates. I've created copies of the conversations concerning each one, censoring out e-mails and any mature details. They are in order of when they were taken on, with the first being the most late.

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When I started to feel no progress had been made for too long, I started contacting Paint regarding this. A record of these conversations can be found here.

As you can see, the artist/customer relationship slowly disintegrated over time. While initially expressing a will to get these commissions completed, communication later collapsed.


Here are the payment details for these commissions. Most of the discussion regarding these commissions are in the links included in the above section.


I feel I have done everything I could of to resolve this matter. I kept in touch, I attended streams when I was told she could do them then, I was open for negotiation on how to move forward with them. I went above and beyond some others when it comes to showing patience and understanding with Paints regular problems, but ignoring my messages has really left the situation hopeless. The only alternative to maintain conversation would be to invade a journal or stream and hijack the discussion for this purpose, which inevitably would have led to me being made to look the bad guy...

The worst part is, and probably why I've tolerated this for so long, is because I don't want Paint to dislike me :( I still don't, but I cannot imagine she will be happy to see I have posted this. My question to her would be "what else could I have done?" because I tried everything. I begged you to work with me to resolve this matter in the end and you responded with the silent treatment, what more could I have done?

I hope she cares enough about what other people think that being posted up on Artists Beware will prompt her to want to get this matter sorted. But given she is already up here for reasons similiar to my own, I'm just not sure... Best case scenario is I'm refunded for the commissions (accounting for reductions for the completed Emily poses) and we can both move on. Maybe in time even get over this experience and get back on good terms again? But that's just me being hopeful.


$171/ $171

Refunds are to be made every Friday over six weeks, so $28.50 per payment.

17/11/12 - $28.50 received
24/11/12 - $28.50 received
30/11/12 - No payment was receieved this Friday.
03/12/12 - Paint had forgotten and apologised, will be getting payment later.
04/12/12 - $28.50 received
07/12/12 - $28.50 received
15/12/12 - $28.50 received
24/12/12 - $28.50 received