September 3rd, 2012

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Beware: Atateatarin/Sinn-ryu - Resolved

WHO: Sinn-ryu (DA), atateatarin (LJ and FA)

I do have a PDF saved of this as well, just in case the post/info is lost.

WHAT: A traditional cel painting with scrapbook background.

WHEN: Payment sent and commission agreed upon on Aug 30, 2011. Responses had been spotty throughout the whole transaction but contact was lost completely in April 2012.

Original LJ post
Paypal Transaction
Deviant Art Note
FurAffinity Note
LiveJournal Note

EXPLAIN: Honestly everything I thought was going fine other than the spotty response time. I know the artist in question goes to school and everyone has things going on in their life. The post said it could take a few days to a few weeks. Months to a year was not mentioned so I assumed the turn around would be at most a couple months which is why I asked so soon the first time how it was going, though I have waited longer for commissions so I was patient. I periodically asked how it was going on the post, since it says its alright to ask now and then. I had gotten the sketch in November, waited patiently for the final scan. I did finally get a scan of the final image and had been told they just needed to find a background for it and it would be about a week or so for that. That was April 3rd, 2012. Since I was no longer getting responses on the original post I've been poking on LJ note, FA note, DA note, and email(I didn't realize the email address was in the original conversations so I contacted that one last). I tried each site just in case the artist wasn't active on one site but was another. I hope I wasn't being too pushy as I am worried that something might have happened, I don't think this artist would have just poofed for no reason.

I don't know what to do at this point. The commission was for a tangible item, not digital so I'm upset I don't have this cel to hang on my wall like originally planned. Though I suppose I did get something. I admit I'm mainly frustrated because the work was done, it just needed to be shipped. Or if it was shipped I'd at least like to know if its on its way or the mail ate it.

Also the artist has a "when to contact" schedule here. And there was plenty of room for a response since April in either June or July. I did not find this page until April when I was looking around for an email.

9/24/12 - I received the cel in the mail today. This has now been resolved.