August 26th, 2012

Help Advice wanted

I need some advice. I am having a lot of issues with someone. Here is what happend. I talked to someone about making a collar for my dog. This started the end of Apirl being of May. I wanted to have one made as I wanted as little metal on the collar. He said he could do snaps. I asked him if I could do a part trade and he said it was ok.My half of the trade was a pillow. I sent him $20 on the 2nd of May. After a month of not hearing from him I sent him a note asking. He said he never got the money so I told him to go look. He did and the money was there. I was almost done with the pillow and he did not even start work on the collar. Once he was done with the collar he said he did not have the money to send it. So I sent him another $10. On August 7th he said he has shiped the collar two weeks ago and would not give me any info on the shipping. Finely he said he got it back in the mail and then sent it again. This time I got it. The collar was done poorly. This is what I sent him.

1. The collar was to made with as little metal as possible so that when Thor shook his head, he wouldn't tear up his ears and make them bloody. This collar has a big metal buckle and D ring.

2. You said it was being made out of buffalo. What we got was a layer of cowskin with a buffalo print on one side and layer of pleather backing that was already separating.

3. The buckle wasn't wide enough for the width of the collar.

4. The holes for the buckle weren't dyed, so you could see raw leather. This is the section where the collar was separating.

5. The leather to hold the buckle was a scrap piece folded over the end of the collar, like someone trying to make a piece of leather work as the end of the collar should have been folded over to hold the buckle.

6. The rivets used to secure this scrap piece around the buckle and D ring were too small. It would have fallen apart if we'd tried to use it on Thor.

7. The "hammer"s" look like large I's and so it looks like it says IThorI.

8. The silver paint that Thor is painted with is already flaking off without even been used yet.

9. The stamping of the leather wasn't done right and so it's blurry as it wasn't hammered hard enough the first time and shows shadows of the different poundings.

10. This took three months from the time we first started talking about it.

11. I made a $20 payment, emailed you, and it was a month later as I didn't want to nag you, that I message you again and you realized I'd made a payment.

.12. You claimed you couldn't afford to ship it once it was done, so I sent you another $10 and it was weeks before you shipped it. You said you'd tried shipping it two times already, but wouldn't confirm what address you'd shipped it to. Said you were having you wife go and ship it and was shipped a week and a half after that.

13. You accused me of trying to scam you and that I was rude. Seems you are the one scamming me. I was more than patient and for a piece of junk.

14. It's costing me $25 to have a leather worker to fix the collar to something I can use, and then I'm going to have to repaint the letters Thor and paint over the "hammers" with black so that they don't look like I's.

Summary: I would have been ashamed to ship a product that was so poorly done and obviously just thrown together and expect payment for it. The leather shop we took it to, to confirm it wasn't buffalo, was appalled that someone would have expected payment for it. I would have been ashamed to give it as a gift. I'm amazed that you had the nerve to ship it. I know that I won't get the $30 back that I've already paid you for the collar. I wouldn't have paid $10 let alone $20 and a custom pillow, so you can consider our barter deal null and void. I know that you are going to think that I've ripped you off, but after the delays, games and poor product, if you were in CA, I'd be taking you to small claims court for the $30 on principal, so you better be happy you're in TX. If you still want the pillow, it's $60.

Now he is throwing a hissy fit. I do not feel like I should have to send him a pillow after everthing. I am not even showing all the emails between us. Can someone please give me advice.

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