August 6th, 2012


Flarveon Still owes $150

WHO: Akemi/Flarveon/Poppy Pandacoon/Ash/AshlinAkitaBoy


But purchase happened on FursuitAuctions here on LJ

WHAT: Fur purchase

WHEN: Purchased March 10th 2012

PROOF: Purchased from this posting:
Here is my purchase agreement:
Paypal record:

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This whole situation has left me feel sick. I see her post all the time yet she says she as problems with her email and internet.I'm just sick of all the excuses and lies.
I just hope no one else goes through this and if they have I hope the post it here.

Edit 23/08/2012: In case there is doubt she has no money, she just paid at least $50 on a tail:

Edit 11/11/2012: Still no refund, still no replies to my emails. Still not going to give up.

Edit 9/12/2012: I calmly spoke to her at Midfur and She told me she just didn't have money and then reported me for harassment. But later as I was in the dealers den selling I saw her spending money on art and such.She even got one of her friends to buy hand paws off me (worth $100).
I still won't give up, I just want my money.

Edit 14/3/2013: Still no contact or refund has been issued.

Edit 19/2/2014: Still no word but under a new name