July 30th, 2012

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Hello A_B! 
I hope I'am submitting this correctly.

I recently started a new business where I can print on shirts,bags, etc. There is a certain anime I have grown very fond of and in this anime there is an emblem that the main character has. I was concerned about printing this emblem on shirts and selling them. Would it be against copyright laws? 

I have seen buttons and various other items on Etsy with the same image being sold...So I figured maybe it was okay! But I still want to be on the safe side so I figured I would ask you guys since you seem very wise :).

I dunno if it will matter much but the anime is called "Tiger and bunny" and the emblem is this http://plamoya.com/bmz_cache/d/d984b749dc6799e97f12b7a3fdd9dac6.image.500x500.jpg

hank you guys so much for your time!