June 17th, 2012



I commissioned someone back in march for and item that would take about 4 months for the product. I was told I was 5th on the list that she had, I asked her a few questions and then left her alone until May 17th, which was the last note she answered. I found she had another account so I left a shout on her page to see how it was going, not trying to be a bother but it was beginning of last month that I just asked for an update. my notes have gone un-answered since I figured out she had another account.

I plan on giving her until about the 2nd week in august to give me the item I commissioned, I have only paid 1/2 of the total price. Its something that I REALLY want, and have wanted for a while... But what bothers me the most is that my notes have gone unanswered and she seems to be ignoring me... all I want is an update that's it, I'm not trying to be a bother I just wanted to make sure she didn't need the other half or whatever... I hate bothering people I commission, but its been the 4+ months I was told, and I am fine waiting, I just want an update...

I don't really know what to do... Let me know what you all think.

(her name has been withheld until I find something out)

Lost Contact - Jeremy Morin

Hello all! Hoping you can help me out, as Anthrocon staff is unable to give me contact information or a name. This is not a beware - it is not the artist's fault that we lost contact.

I commissioned an artist inside the Anthrocon Dealer's Den earlier today at roughly 1 PM for a pony conbadge of my character Murderhusky for 18$. I left a badge from another artist with her as a reference. I was told to come back to pick up my commission at 3:30. Everything was fine.

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However, the art show ended up having problems with the credit card machine and so picking up art there ended up taking me almost 30 minutes - by that time, the dealer's room had closed and staff would not allow me to see the artist to get my badges without being a dealer myself.

I waited outside to see if she would come out - I never saw her.

Here's where the problem comes:

Jeremy Morin is the name that appeared on my debit card transaction. However, that transaction was processed by the Square device for iPhones - and it was not the artist's phone, rather someone who was at the booth with her. Anthrocon staff is entirely unhelpful - they refuse to give me the artist's alias or anyway to contact her. Their only answer is to e-mail them after the convention and they will forward the info - however, because the only name I have is Jeremy Morin, which I don't think is hers, that won't work either.

Hilariously, further making things complicated is that the badge was of a character named Murderhooves, which is not my alias - so even if she attempted to look ME up by searching for Murderhooves, she won't find me.

So, I'm looking for an artist who was taking commissions for pony conbadges for 18$ in the Anthrocon Dealer's Den on 6/17/2012 at 1 PM. She was with someone by the name of Jeremy Morin who was processing debit transactions for her. If anyone has any information, I would be very happy.

I know this is an extremely early post as I literally commissioned them four hours ago (as of writing), but my concern is that once this convention is over we will never be able to find each other - both of us only have names that aren't tied to ourselves: she has a name of my character, not me, and I have a name of her boothmate, not her.

My e-mail is baronvonclop@gmail.com, which I can be reached at instantly.

This isn't a beware so I don't think it's necessary, but if anyone needs proof I can screenshot the debit transaction.

Evasive artist

WHO: Akemi/Flarveon/Poppy Pandacoon

WHERE: http://www.facebook.com/PoppyPandacoon

WHAT: $15 digital bust badge commission

WHEN: I answered Poppy's Facebook post advertising badge commissions to be done that night, on February 1st, 2012, and sent payment. The final product was delivered on May 26, 2012.

1. http://imm.io/sZUf (payment, with date)
2. http://imm.io/sZUu (stream conversation part 1)
3. http://imm.io/sZUz (stream conversation part 2)
4. http://imm.io/sZUA (finished product, with date)

EXPLAIN: She advertised doing bust badges that evening, so I sent her the payment (see link 1). She didn't do it that night, or the following night like she said. I'm very patient with commissions, so I wasn't too fussed. Within a week, she had a sudden interest in animation and worked on "jumping icons", including giving out free ones to people who requested it at that time on Facebook. Still not a big issue.

A month later she still knew I was on her to-do list, by tagging me in a Facebook post, and said she'd clear up her list. Still nothing.

I tried to contact her through email (on April 17) and several other occasions via Facebook private message and on her Facebook wall, but she still never replied to me. Communication was extremely difficult. Poppy frequently posts about what she is doing, but something always seems to be broken whenever anyone wants to contact her. (see link 3) At one point, she had adjacent posts on Facebook: one saying "the best way to contact me is email", and the one next to it saying "My email is broken, I'm not receiving them."

Roughly three months from the commission date, I hopped onto her stream and asked her to start my badge, which had turned into a "full body feral upgrade", which I'm not sure was really an upgrade. I think she only said yes because she thought I was a new commissioner and wanted the money coming in. (see link 2) She stopped at the sketch stage because she had to go to sleep, but refused to work on it any further until I attended another of her streams, which wasn't practical for me.

Over a week passed and I asked for a refund on her Facebook wall, which wasn't replied to.

Ultimately, she only finished my badge because a friend of mine reminded her in one of her streams to do it.

I could accept a lot of the delays if she bothered to actually respond to her commissioners. The outright worst part for me was her constant complaining on Facebook about a fursuit commission of hers being delayed, and how the maker was accepting new commissions before her one - meanwhile, she was doing the same thing to a throng of her own commissioners without remorse.