March 3rd, 2012

Art Theft (KirinRuna/PiccolaCreatura Resident)

Collapse )</lj-cut {I know it only been within the week, but sign of the removing from skype and muting on SL are showing me no intention of doing the commission. I’ll post updates to this journal any changes, updates, etc. - posted the first attempt} Update as of March 3, 2012. She still has not read my notes, she has unwatched me but watching more people after unwatched me. She remains active in SecondLife as her name changes periodically. I know she has me blocked and mute, I am in a few same groups she's in. Her name appears in the chatbox listing, but shows offline status to me. I'm claiming this as art theft. I uploaded lindens because she wanted money in SL because she spent hers. I made a payment using L$ because thats the money I had on hand at the time. I have documented/screen capped the payment amount amount discuss via Skype as well in SL where she provided me her Skype name. Been well over a month with absolutely no attempt to reach me back, yet she remains active in SL and in groups. What can i do about this?