March 2nd, 2012


Question on international sales

Just to clarify, it *is* usual for buyers to be responsible for customs fees when buying internationally, isn't it? I've had a few people ask me about marking items as gifts on customs forms, or putting a lower price than what they paid for it, but I refuse to, as I have no desire to make trouble for myself.



WHO: Besped


WHAT: Flash Animation

WHEN: Initial payment and commissions opened on May 16th, 2011. Since then there have been a series of updates stating various reasons for delay and promised completion dates that are never met and no progress is visible.


EXPLAIN: Numerous attempts to contact the artist for either the work or the refund have come up with only explanations like the ones in the journals posted above. As of this posting I have not seen any of the fap fap animations finished and reading comments throughout his page and in his shout box it appears there are many other people waiting for some response or finished work. At this point I consider my payment forfeit but everyone should know that he is still taking new work, payment upfront, for animations that may never be finished.

RESOLUTION: On June 24th, 2013 a full refund was issued from the artist Besped to my paypal account. I consider this matter closed.


WHO: Falvie on 
WHERE: Her Livestream that she was hosting. 
WHAT: A while back Falvie had a journal up for dragon commission slots. I was unable to get the money in time so she said she will be doing more of them. So after waiting for a long time for her to open some more, I decided I'd post a shout asking her if she was going to do them soon. She said that she could take my commission. So after waiting 2-3 months I asked her if she had done my commission yet. She said she'd get to it tomorrow. She kept saying stuff like that...tomorrow. So, I noticed she was streaming, so I watched her stream for a couple of days, hoping that she'd do mine. I noticed that she kept doing other people's commissions. I got kind of impatient, here it is 3 months and she had only gotten a sketch done. 
Here's the log of the situation: 
KittenJ: Falvie? I've been waiting like a really long time for my drawing. :< I don't want to sound like a ***, but I'm going to have to go to another artist. :/ 
NekoMaya: you need patience Kitten 
KittenJ: 3 months is quite a lot of patience. 
falvie: thats why you dont pay 
falvie: guess you just wanted the free sketch 
KittenJ: not really.
KittenJ: i just wanted my drawing. :/
falvie: you saw me working on it
falvie: be patient
falvie: geeze
KittenJ: ...
UglyEric: ehhh falvie, you're being really rude to a customer
falvie: i dont care?
falvie: jesus
KittenJ: wow.
UglyEric: wow
falvie: i was clearly working on it
falvie: i have MY own life to tend to
UglyEric: you're being unprofessional
falvie: i am unprofessional
falvie: if i lose customers so well
falvie: go off with your sketch and pay someone else to color it
KittenJ: i'll delete it. 
KittenJ: hope you change your mind about how you work with customers. and take care. 
UglyEric: also, maybe kittenj can just pay for the sketch? 
blackstatic: that's pretty rude of you as well
KittenJ: it's just very sad to see such a great artist that i look up to say that to me. :/
falvie: oh well, she was rude!
KittenJ: i wasn't trying to be rude.
UglyEric: i didnt really see much rudeness on her behalf personally.
falvie: drop it.

WHEN: I first started communicating about this commission roughly in December. She replied in the journal, that is now deleted in December; same day. The livestream was around midnight on the 2nd of March, 2012.

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Extremely unprofessional artist: Falvie

WHO: Falvie


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All in all, this artist has a lot of potential as a commission artist. She has lots of talent and can finish art in good time when she actually gets to doing it. Problem is, she has a terrible attitude and I wouldnt recommend commissioning her outside of quick IN STREAM commissions or for any complicated characters that will have things that may need correcting. I am happy with the art she had given me, but not the missed deadlines and general unprofessional attitude as well as complete disregard for paying customers.

I apologize if anything is confusing or horribly misworded.