February 27th, 2012


To post or not to post? Customer difficulty/"Paypal problems"

I am currently dealing with a customer that owes me payment. It had been about two weeks since the commission was finished and payment was asked for so it could be shipped. The customer claimed to have sent it a day after completion and payment was never received. They then claimed paypal was pending. Fast forward twelve days; still no payment. A payment request is sent to make the process easier, request cancelled by customer. When asked, they claim the bank removed money without giving reason and paypal closed their account. Supposedly they are trying to get the money back, but is still continuing to talk down payments with a friend of mine on a commission, which happens to be the same price as what is owed for my work.

So should I wait it out and see if payment actually comes through, or should I go ahead and post here along with whatever other actions need to be taken?

(UPDATE) Customer has contacted me stating they intend to pay by Tuesday at latest. Will update if they turn out to be good on their word, if not then I guess I post a beware.