February 21st, 2012


So, I'm an artist on FA and have been doing commissions for about a year now. Recently I was asked to do a ref. sheet for someone on FA for who the time being will be unnamed. The way I do commissions is making a rough sketch and sending it to the commissioner for approval, after they approve the sketch and request changes I ask them to send me the payment so I can finish the rest of the picture. I sent this client a cleaner then I normally do sketch and he said he liked it, but asked if I could change the feet, which I was more then happy to do once he sent me then $55 the ref. sheet costs.

Didn't hear back from him for a few days so I poked him with a friendly note, he said he had been sick and would send me the money Tuesday (a week ago) at the time it was Monday. Waited till friday and sent him a note saying If for some reason he was unable to pay the $55 the alternative would be to send me $10 and I would clean up the sketch more and send it to him. He did note replay, but read the note. I sent him another note yesterday, asking him how everything was going on his end and If I would be getting the money any time soon so I could work on his commission. Again, the note was read but never replied too. I'm not really sure what to do about this because I've never been in this situation before. If he doesn't plan on paying me then at most he gets away with a $10 - But I would really just like to talk to him either way. Any advice on how to handle it? I'm not upset with him, just a little frustrated.

- Sinto

(EDIT: Split the massive block of text so it is easier to read. I agree, I should have been water-marking my sketch work, I suppose I got too confident in my commissioners. I'll be sure that I'll do this in the future. I was hopeful at first that he was just busy, but I sent him a short note this morning -

"I'm a little curios to why you're no longer replying to my notes. I can see you're active. If there's an issue with the commission I would be more then happy to talk with you about it. If it's easier we can talk over an instant messenger. Hope to hear from you soon -"

This note, too, was also read and not responded too. Yet he's been posting comments on other peoples pages for days. I'll send him a Note tonight about there being a deadline on the payment - and that if he does not pay either the $10 for the sketch or $55 for the full commission I will post a full beware here. Thanks again everyone!)

(EDIT: Sent him the deadline of March 8th and informed him that I'd be posting him here if he didn't pay either $10 for the sketch or $55 for the full ref. He did read it and has not replied. I suppose I'll just play the waiting game now.)

(EDIT: 2/26/12. So I have not heard back from him at all, I'm wondering if I should just go ahead an make a beware. I sent him the note explaining when he needs to pay and that I would post him here but it didn't seem to light any fire under him :/ What do you guys think? Wait till the 8th and see 'if' I get paid or just make the beware now?)

(EDIT: 3/2/12. This is becoming increasingly frustrating. I went to his page to give him a little shout about the notes I had sent him in the past, and I come to see he's still been buying other commissions - some for almost the same price as what he owes me. Considering the commission I'm doing is still in sketch form and he can ask for changes, I'm utterly confused. It's now fairly obvious his lack of paying me is not due to money problems :/)