February 14th, 2012


Beware: jonnyschweer

WHO: jonnyschweer (jonnyschweer.deviantart.com/)


WHAT: A written piece in exchange for a digital piece.

WHEN: First discussion about the trade took place about two weeks or so ago. It was on a submission of mine, though I can't remember which one, and then progressed to notes, which I have capped and provided.

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When I questioned him about the story, he was honest about using previous stories. When he offered to cancel the trade, I took him up on it and blocked him as well. While this has now been resolved, I just felt others should know about his behavior as well.
lily blushu

need advice...

EDIT: after giving her a lengthy note about reporting her here if she didn't reply, i got a refund, so apparently threats work. either way, thanks for hearing me out guys~~

alright, i'm really tempted to make a beware because of obvious avoidance but i first want some.. opinions on if i should keep waiting on this girl or not.

i commissioned an inexpensive custom soap from a girl on a new site i've joined, she just so happens to be the co-owner and all. she finished it, said she sent it. after about a week or two after, i mentioned i hadn't gotten it, so i was reluctant to ask for a refund because it was near the holidays, so i was willing to wait some more because of slow deliveries and i told her this. she mentioned if i wanted a refund all i would have to do is ask!

well, i've been asking. noting a few times, even commenting on her page and asking about it, but the notes have been read and i'm sure she's seen the comments, but she's busy with a new version of the site and all, so i'm just torn between getting up and reporting her here or waiting even more (it would be like 1-2 months now (EDIT: it is now 3 months from the soap picture that she uploaded) that i've been waiting pretty much) since she isn't responding at all. EDIT: i should mention she is actively talking to other people on the site. after leaving a comment days ago (the 12th) she had /just/ responded to someone else but has yet to respond to me at all. that is what i'm disturbed about because as much as she was offering refunds, she no longer seems interested in contacting me at all. that is why i feel this is beware-worthy because she has my money and is making no attempts to get back to me about it.

the thing is though, i didn't get a tracking number or anything (it's soap.) i didn't get any notes from the post office to pick it up, nothing and for clarification, had my dad check if there were any packages for me at the post office and nothing (although i can't see why soap would need to be picked up OR why it would take 3 months now). i really don't know how i can prove i haven't gotten it or if she's even sent it out.

i don't mind if it's gotten lost or returned because well, not her fault the mailing system is faulty. but the fact she has yet to reply to me while being on the site and talking to other people rubs me the wrong way, it is a clear sign of avoidance. that is the part i'm most concerned about, because a reply asking me my paypal or saying it got returned wouldn't take very long and yet she isn't bothering at all.

so.. yeah.. what would you do in my position? keep pestering, post here, should i let her know i'll post her here if she doesn't respond? argh.