January 20th, 2012

Beware: LeeLee

WHO: LeeLee

WHERE: Furaffinity.net and Google Email.

WHAT: Digital Couple Badge Commission

WHEN: I commissioned/paid for the item in September 2011 on paypal.

PROOF: Well I commissioned her the badges and she said she would have them before FurFright. I was not going to the con so I gave her my address to ship them to. She told me they were finished and all was good. But this is all she put on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6777753/

These were just the line art. When I asked for progress she ignored me. FINALLY she contacted me via email when I approached her in irritated fashion.


She offered me and gave me some icons as makeup art. I thanked her, but she seemed to think it was a replacement for the commission. WHICH IT WAS NOT.

That was the last time I heard from her until today.


not sure what that even means. I am STILL waiting on my art.

Received my image as a high rez file and hand delivered at DE furbowl 33.

Lost Contact: Shivra

Tried to avoid this, but I'm kinda of at a loss of what else to do. :c

WHO: Shivra on FA

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shivra/

WHAT: A pair of handpaws. Grey and black, pink and black paw pads. $55 total.

WHEN: Ordered/paid on April 5th and 6th 2011.

Proof of Order
Payment Received
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E-Mail about List
E-Mail Correspondence

EXPLAIN: First off, this was my first commissioning experience and I'm a little sad that it's left such a sour taste in my mouth. :( I ordered these about 9-10 months ago on April 5th. I promptly paid the full price for the paws [can't get a PP screenshot because they already cleared it out, unless you all know how to transaction proof from further back?], and was promised they'd be finished in about a month. Shortly after [maybe a week or two?] she ended up breaking her leg pretty bad. I wasn't contacted and honestly didn't know about it until a friend [who also was commissioning her] told me. I felt terrible for her and assumed that when all was well our original agreement of a month would be back in place, so I just waited.

[Edit: Forgot an e-mail correspondence while I was typing this out. I did send her an e-mail on the first of June because she had updated her FA profile with a list of her commissioners and the status of what they ordered. I wasn't on the list, so I e-mailed her about it.]

It wasn't until about 3 months later that I finally decided to contact her early in July. She told me kindly that my handpaws would be done as soon as possible and apologized for the delay. The next contact I had was later that month as I was leaving for school, in a different city, in a couple of weeks. I was wanting to check on the status of them and asked for a date or a refund. I don't know if that was too gung-ho of me but I was really stressed over school and was just wanting to get something worked out in stone. I was informed that there were two older commissions in front of mine and that mine would be finished as soon as possible, still no estimated time though. I was really trying not to be a pain, as this was my first experience commissioning anyone and wasn't sure what was acceptable.

It was around this point she switched to e-mail only contact. We were told that all business would be dealt through in e-mails and no more notes would be accepted, which I was fine with. I e-mailed her my order again [as she asked all commissioners to do, September 6th] and left it at that for a while. I trusted she'd get them done and just left it alone after that. Around November I still hadn't heard anything so I shot her another e-mail asking if I could get the paws by mid-December [a little over a month away]. Shivra told me she could do that. I was very excited to finally be getting the paws because all the pictures of her previous ones were drop dead gorgeous.

Well December 18th rolled around and I hadn't heard from her again. I sent another e-mail saying that I hadn't heard from her in a while and asking how things were going. I never heard back from her, so almost two weeks later I send another e-mail stating my concern and asked for a refund if nothing else. She's disappeared from FA with no notice quite a bit since the transaction began, but I understood she had a job and real life to worry about. Her FA hasn't been updated in a month and my e-mails have still not been answered. I'm very disappointed to have to post this because I do love her art and fursuit stuff and she has been very kind throughout. :/