January 4th, 2012

O Musa

Beware/Lost contact: Kimhana - RESOLVED

WHO: Kimhana on Livejournal and Deviantart; formerly kimhana on Tumblr, URL now taken by another user

WHERE: Deviantart (since deactivated) found here

WHAT: A $40 full color digital picture

WHEN: The commission was discussed and paid for in full in September of 2010. Contact was made again to check in as of January 2011; over the next few months, various accounts of the artist began to deactivate (LJ and Tumblr, specifically). Numerous emails to multiple addresses were not responded to in August and September of 2011; as of December 2011, the artist's Deviantart account, where the commission was originally discussed, was deactivated.

PROOF: A screenshot of the original commission is here (with discussion of the prompt interspersed with personal conversation blacked out for convenience of reading) and a corresponding Paypal screenshot with emails blacked out can be found here .

EXPLAIN: It absolutely breaks my heart to do this, as Kimhana remains a favorite artist of mine. If anyone has any information on her, why she's been deactivating, etc, I would love to hear it. The fact that she's dropped off the face of the internet hurts far more than the possibility of losing a commission. From what I can understand, it seems that she switched fandoms and then proceeded to delete her old accounts. For now, this is the most logical series of events that I can piece together. Best case scenario, she's forgetful and the commission slipped her mind and got brushed under the rug as her interests changed. But in the end, if nothing changes, I have to strongly advise against commissioning her.

RESOLVED - After a few messages, the last of which mentioned the posting here, she responded on Tumblr and was very apologetic. She offered me a number of options, including a full refund. I took her up on the refund, and she has delivered. Thank you all very much for helping me to resolve this old problem - I appreciate it. :)

EDIT: Added Paypal information, clarified Tumblr address, and added links to dead pages.

SECOND EDIT: Turns out the Tumblr I originally linked was, by an eerie coincidence, an entirely different person. Please disregard that.

THIRD EDIT: Evidently she is indeed still very active on tumblr, but under the changed URL http://neophytecherryglare.tumblr.com/ . ...and asking for commissions. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Asking Advice: Online Gallery Social Networking sites (DA,FA etc)

I'm sorry if this isn't the right place for this, and I'm cross posting (spamming) to a few communities to see what the general consensus is, especially for those lucky few whom are considered successful.

Now, I'm sure we're all familiar with and many of us do business using at least a couple of these websites. Deviantart, Furaffinity, Inkbunny, Sheezyart, Concept Art, and Nabyn to name a few examples. The latter is why I decided to ask advice as I already have an account on most of the others. While some make sense as many of them specialize to certain interests or offer different types of feedback, I'm beginning to realize that it is becoming overwhelming for me to keep up with them all (for awhile now I've been in a constant state of reorganizing watchees deciding what notifications I want to keep, and who I need to ditch, which is rough when you have a good friend but they aren't what you're looking for in artistic inspiration or a fabulous artist who won't stop babbling about memes). Obviously, I should probably cut down to just a few, or so I think.

So this is my real question, is it better to specialize in one or two of these sites, or is it advisable to join near all of them for further promotion to a wider audience? Also, curious what sites people have used and how they find them compared with other sites.

Here's my experience with them.

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