January 3rd, 2012

O Musa

Contacting an artist - how far is too far?

Hello, everyone! I just have a quick question about contacting an artist over a commission I made roughly a year and a half ago. Details are under the cut.

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Thanks in advance for your help; I'm truly unsure what to do in this situation.

EDIT: All right, I just shot her off a message asking for a new contact email. We'll see how this goes. Thank you all so much for the quick response and awesome advice! I'll post a lost contact later tonight and will consider posting a beware once this whole thing plays out.

SECOND EDIT: Still no result in terms of my message, but thanks to a very helpful tip about Tumblr, I was able to discover that she has indeed changed URLs but is still very active. And commissioning. Yeah, you may well see a beware post here soon.