December 8th, 2011

Hello Artists beware,

WHO: Vaermina last know as venigsun, ravenca, crowing, fourain, naraissus, mondeis and many other aliases


WHAT:  I'm posting this because I think people/commissioners need to know they are back and either be on the look out (from the recent string of events) in-case they do the same again, or go chase down that commission owed. I myself didn't commission them but had a friend wait a long time just to be refunded a year later. This post is just to let people know she's back again and to finally  contact her at this new alias, and receive the commission they rightfully paid for.

PROOF: The journal they have posted on their profile, on the link given.

Community Poll

It's that time again!

Art theft and tracing posts have always been allowed in artists_beware up until now. This poll is so everyone can decide if they want it to stay that way, or if we should change that aspect of AB.

Also understand that even if the community picks 'no', it is up to our discretion if we feel a particular incident is extreme enough and would substantially benefit from being put to the attention of the AB membership.

This poll is closed.

Should tracing/art theft posts continue to be allowed in Artists_Beware?

Yes, I like it as it is!
Yes, but only if the person is taking commissions/trades using traced work.
Yes, but only if there is an exceedingly high number of traces or a long history of tracing AND the person is taking commissions/trades using traced work.
No, that's what art_theft is for, AB should focus on the rest and let AT have ALL the tracing/art theft posts.