November 30th, 2011

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  • adzuki

Advice: Commission Policy/ TOS

I have started picking up commissions lately, and have discovered through following this group that it may be best to set up a commission policy or TOS to fall back on in case I come across any problems. I've drawn some resources from Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines but I wanted to make sure that the tone of my TOS is right. I also wanted to ensure that I included as much possible as concisely as I possibly could while still outlining everything to protect myself and my commissioners.

Here is a link to my TOS (Link goes to Google Docs)

I appreciate the time and any suggestions or recommendations you may have.
Thank you for reading!

General Advice Post: Appropriate time frame for contacting an artist about updates.

Its something that's on the mind of many of us who commission artists often, and its a fact of life that artist have to come face to face with once they step up to the plate of paid or trade work.

What is the etiquette for asking for updates from an artist? How long is too long? What's too short? Should the customer sit back and wait for updates from the artist or take charge of the situation from the get go? Should an artist 'punish' an overly concerned customer with slower progress or comfort the concerned that their work will be done in a timely manner? How about when other obligations make an artist tardy or potentially harder to reach?

I am opening the floor to the community on this. Please feel free to give advice on the various situations I've brought up or add to the list of potential 'what ifs'.

If you recall someone (including yourself) making a particularly helpful comment related to this topic in a previous advice post, please link to the comment (or you can copy-paste if it's your comment originally). You can also link to entire posts that match this topic.

EDIT: If you could, please add the particular type of art you do in your comment (ie: illustrator, costumer, jeweler, etc.) just to make it easier for people reading into why your beliefs are so.