November 20th, 2011

  • myoti_d

MasterLeo (Client)

WHO: MasterLeo

WHERE:, though most of this occured in my own livestream.

WHAT: Sketches, technically? Read Explain section.

WHEN: Over the course of the last week.

EXPLAIN (this is LONG): This may be a bit of a strange case. Technically this wasn't an issue of a transaction as much of just a really irritating client that's starting to become bothersome to several people and artists. Thanks to his recent action, it was suggested I post him here.

Basically, I do sketches in nighttime Livestreams. I've done one for him before, no hitches then. Sometime last week I opened another stream and told everyone in a FA journal they could message/Note me for commissions. When I do normal commission, I take the money upfront and try to have it done quickly. I do the same for my sketches, but I try not to take the money until I'm ready to do it in stream, as I want to try to have it done there. Well, MasterLeo was included in the list, but was the last one in line.

While I was working on the other in-queue sketches, he begins to ask repeatedly about getting a picture done. I tell him yes, but he needs to wait. He keeps badgering when I'm nowhere near ready to take his sketch, so some other in my stream, figuring the guy just has a language barrier (he's French, I believe) try to help out. Even after translating our explanation that his turn is coming, he continues to ask about wanting a picture and begins to whine that no one is paying attention to him. In other streams (mine and other artist's) he does similar complaining, acting as though no one is paying attention to him and seemingly ignoring everyone's responses (sorry I don't have screencaps for that). He also would constantly leave the stream, whining that no one paid attention to him, then return, leave again, return, etc.

The night I was first doing sketches that he was involved in, I announced I would be finished after a certain drawing, apologizing and saying I would take more later. Before the picture is finished, MasterLeo announces he has sent me money, though I never once told him to. I explain I don't like doing that in streams until I'm ready and refund him, and he complains and attempts to send it again, which I refund again, telling him he can wait til next stream.

Well, he eventually starts acting strange on FA. He watches, unwatches, and rewatches me in a matter of minutes, sends several messages either still begging or apologizing for earlier actions, but continues to act in this manner. Well, after numerous occasions of this and him acting bizarrely in streams, he comes into my stream again tonight and sets the final straw. He does his usual badgering to which I try to remain calm and explain, once again, that asking the same question a dozen times after about five people have answered you is not really a good way to get what you want. He then makes a post in French that apparently translates to something along the lines of "bye bye asshole" or such, and I decide to ban him from my stream for now.

Long story short, when an actual transaction is made, he seems fine, but getting there is outrageous. He is incredibly impatient, childish, and seems to demand attention, but then acts as though no one is giving it to him.

He made a journal or two along the lines of "oooh, I've done a bad thing" and gets back-pats from unknowing FA users, before turning around and acting no different.

PROOF: All I have screencapped is him supposedly insulting me in the stream (thanks Kitsuna):

I can direct some others here that have had him act similarly in their streams and people that can vouch if need be.

Again, since this wasn't as much an issue over transaction as it was a client's general attitude, I hope this is okay here.

(no subject)

Well, this is my first time using Livejournal, so I hope I do this correctly. :)  

WHO:  ModemRedpill (on FA, though he also has an account called Modem)

WHERE: and

WHAT:  Several sketches owed to me, several owed to my brother who is too afraid to "rock the boat", and art trade for several friends, none of which were done.

WHEN:  The commissions were scheduled initially back in March/April of 2011 and prepaid via paypal.

EXPLAIN:  These sketches were paid for in advance back then when he took about 100 or so commissions, either as Iron Artist or something else.  He took both our money back then, and scheduled us in the queue.

After paying, his contact stopped and any nudges or attempts to get updates later were met with hostility and short responses like "soon" or "I'm working on it"

Eventually the emails or notes turned into excuses like "I'm depressed" or "I have art block" or "I need to break and draw for myself for a while."

Months and months later, I contact him about both my and my brother's commissions.  I figure at this stage, right now, I'd be happy if my brother got what he paid for, as I can afford to go without a refund, and my brother is still recovering from a long, painful surgery.  But neither of us are getting any attention nor compensation.

The last contact we had was met with this:

At this stage, neither of us have gotten a refund or even partial, and neither have gotten the sketches.  

What makes this all the more infuriating is that he is at MFF right now, which costs money to go to, and has been taking "Sketchmissions" and other commissions both before and during this con.  People who just hand him money (figuratively and literally) are getting artwork, while I and my brother are sitting here waiting.

I would assume we were the only ones, but I know a few friends who did art trades for him never got their end of the trade from him.  It's frustrating that he draws a big crowd and gets a lot of attention while doing this to customers on the side.  I hope we're not the only ones who had to deal with this.