November 8th, 2011

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Galagya - Update!

Just figured I'd make an update for this entry here.

Since that entry Galagya had refunded everyone for the premade wolf set as far as I know, well the deltas anyway, I don't know about those who paid cash, but as for all her other commissions and owed work, she's only completed one custom pose in one month. Granted it's not really my place to speak, but I figured it was worth mentioning. Considering she owes people poses as well as all those refs still.

On October 4th she posted a long comment "explaining" everything and what's been going on and how she hasn't been online a lot because of personal issues and that she's a perfectionist so that's why it takes her so long.

The most recent comment, or update, was on October 21st and was posted on her Poopies topic. Saying that she is diligently working on art right now and juggling her work around.

Though I don't really know if this counts as another beware since she does say you can message her for updates/previews yet in a month's time only one small pose has been completed. I guess a month isn't really that long, but when you owe so many people shouldn't you possibly get your butt in gear and work a bit faster? Maybe it's just me I dunno.

Here's the pose if anyone is interested.


She "updated" again today saying she's still working on stuff at random. Though what I don't understand is if she's been working all this time how come there's nothing to show for it STILL?


WHO: Novawuff


WHAT: Tracing/paintover/"heavy referencing", photos improperly used/not mentioned or lack of credit given

WHEN: Varies; throughout gallery over the years

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Update: Got messaged, the original photographer/owner of the image used for "Stripey Sepia" replied to a message sent in November, and says that permission for said image was never given and his request for removal was ignored.

This goes against what Nova claimed in a comment thread below (That they were okay with it, and didn't ignore him):

And said the same on DA: