November 6th, 2011


Site possibly using art without permission?

Hey all,

I was browsing for information about one of my favorite apps and found an online guide that had art on it I recognize - of Yao-Chi. I do not see credit for it anywhere. Looking around, I'm see a couple more pictures being used too. It is possible that these artists were contacted, but in my experience, highly unlikely. So I'm sharing this URL in case you know how to contact these artists or are one of them:


Here is their facebook page, which appears to have lots of random photos in its album - dunno if that's 'okay' with folks, but if nothing else maybe those whose art is being used on the actual site can contact them through here:


If it turns out they have permission I apologize. Oddly this does not appear to be related to the official game at all, so at least there is that. Just a fan page I guess.