November 1st, 2011


Advise please?

What do you do when you have been blocked by someone you need to refund? What if they didn't pay with paypal and it has been a very long time? How can you just make the whole damn thing work?

I'm in that bind and I've been trying to get in contact with them for over 2 months, but like I said, they blocked me everywhere I know of them from. I recently posted a place that they *might* be able to see, saying I will give them one more month before it is forfeited... was that the correct/right thing to do?
If so, what else should I do?
If not, how can I make it right?

Edited for more info: The only people I know that know the person are people who are not to.. erm.. fond of me for reasons other then commission stuff. (Bunch of haters that hate for the sake of hating as far as I know) That being said, I do not really feel comfortable with a go between person. Simple, 100% innocent words/actions have been twisted in the past to make something sound horrible.

EDIT EDIT: May be resolved.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: I asked him if he would mark it resolved only once refunding has been completed.
We agreed on 45$ a month. Here is the exact quote from the email:

Me: "Ok, so I would like to pay you 45$ a month through paypal if possible. To this paypal addy and refunds will be completed no later then January as long as the world doesn't end or as long as my job keeps me.
If you would like, I would like for you to post a resolved status anywhere you may have posted about the issues we may have had once refunding has been completed. Thank you."

Aves response: "I believe this is a reasonable agreement. Since resolution has been met, and we are working things out, I'll let others be aware of this. ..."

Refund process: 0/135
First refund expected 11/4/11

Refund proof 1

Missing Artist; Skillings

Around 2 months ago, I purchased an IA slot from Skillings on FA, and got the image almost right away. I purchased another and paid a few days later. I am on their list, but I am listed as unpaid.

Also, there has been no updates from them since, and their account seems abandoned. I left a shout, note and an email, and all have gone unanswered.

Has anyone heard from them, or know if they are active on another site?