October 19th, 2011

Beware: Addy Karfield

WHO: Addy Karfield or Racerthelynx 


WHERE: Through FurAffintiy. and Fairfax, VA.

WHAT: $1,200 (based on Paypal and bank statements) paid partial new fursuit commission of the following pieces. fursuit head, hand paws, sleeves, tail, and foot paws. Based on  http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4266866/  Estimated completion date: September-October 2010.  Not completed after a year and a month.  No sign of WIP or completion.  Refund demanded.

WHEN: Offer was made August 1,2010. The commission was fully paid August 28, 2010.

EXPLAIN: In summary, I commissioned Addy Karfield to build a fursuit in August 2010 for $1,200.  He posted a completion date on FurAffinity for September 17, 2010.  After several attempts to contact Addy about the status of my fursuit, some of which were ignored, and due to his failure to ship or deliver “completed” pieces, I have not seen or received any pieces of the fursuit that I commissioned.  I am seeking a full refund.

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Rule update.

In regards to this post, we have discussed it and have come to the decision that anyone who gets a warning and then deletes their comment, thus breaking the rules twice in a row, will be immediately suspended for five days and encouraged to spend some of that time reading the rules before being allowed into the community again. The userinfo page will be updated to reflect this stricter punishment.

Deleting comments/posts is one of the highest offenses you can make in this community, and it's important everyone understands this coming in.

Again, I encourage everyone, new and old, to re/familiarize yourself with the rules before participating. "I didn't know!" won't get you out of a warning/banning.
Glowy Evil Merm


WHO: Narutofan098


WHERE: Deviantart

WHAT: A very small points commission for a Pokemon walky icon, 15 deviantart points (not sure what that translates to in USD)

WHEN: Offer was made August 1,2011. The commission was fully paid August 28, 2011.

EXPLAIN: Well, basically, in March of 2011 I commissioned Narutofan098 for a 100x100 icon with an Oshawott and an Emolga on it. It seemed fine and dandy, her waiting list was relatively small, and I liked her art style.

This has been resolved, thank you for your help!

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