October 17th, 2011


Advice: Resale Royalties?

Hi A_B!

I'm looking for some advice on resale royalties. On Thursday, October 13th, I was contacted by someone through Freelanced.com who was looking for some artwork to be done for their business that is just starting up. They wanted a character designed as well as a logo of said character, so I am in the process of actually finishing up the logo today. I did, however, forget to discuss resale royalties with the client when he originally contacted me. I've never done work like this before (the only thing I've ever done is commissions on FA and DA - never commercial artwork) so I completely forgot about resale royalties and such. The character/logo is going to mainly be used for t-shirts and possibly brochures and flyers, things of that nature. (the business organizes off-road/motocross events)

How would I go about the whole resale royalties thing? Any help or advice at all would be wonderful, as I'm pretty clueless about such things D:

Thank you in advance!

Edit: I have finished the logo itself and I sent him an e-mail asking exactly what he was intending to use the logo on (t-shirts, flyers, etc) and asked for a few examples of said things, hopefully that's a good way to ease into the discussion of resale royalties and such? The client is very easy to work with so far and communication has been good, I'm just hoping he's willing to work with me as far as resale royalty percentages go. He was actually kind of reluctant to pay by the hour because he worried that it would take me something like 20 hours to finish the artwork. So I'm really overall nervous about even diving in to the discussion of royalties and such. =[

being under 18 and commissioning + fixing the TOS

Well first off, i am under 18 and i commission people quite often.
My girlfriend  (She is 18) has agreed to take the responsibility upon herself and I will pay the artists with my own money (note; we share a paypal account). Now, is this fair? As an artist, would you be okay with this?
This isnt for adult images, by the way lol i dont commission for things like that.

As well as that, Me and Ayriea (my girlfriend) Edited our TOS recently. We would like to know if there is anything we should re-word, add, or fix. you can read it here on FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2075964/
We would also like to know what a good site would be to host our TOS so that we are not stuck with FA since it can crash at any time.

Should I butt in?

Okay, here's an awkward situation for you. Not going to name names yet, but here goes;

So a long time ago, I had a conversation with my friend (boyfriend at the time) and he had mentioned ordering a ref sheet and never getting it. I told him he should bother the artist about it since he paid about 40-50$ at the time. He shrugged and said he was patient, so I let it go.

Some months later, I get a commission request. I show him the WIP, and he laughs and says "hey, that's the chick I ordered art from!"
Sure enough, since he was on my page, he said he got a note with her apologizing, and she also posted a shout about throwing in a badge or something as well for taking so long. This was about 5 months ago.

Since then she's uploaded other commissions, and recently she's asked to order from me again. Nothing against her because she's really sweet, fun to work with, and her character is adorable, but I'm semi-uncomfortable doing work for her when someone so close to me has been 'jiffed' so to speak. He counts it as a loss already, but told me if it was bothering me I could go ahead and ask her about it. He's kinda on the side of he'd be happy if he got the art in the end, but doesn't want to push the artist.

So A_B, am I crossing the line by asking her about it politely? Or should I just leave it?

/edit; alrighty, so I've asked him about it and he said he'd send her a note. Hopefully we can see some results and I won't be here posting up again about her, haha. ^^'
Thanks guys!