October 14th, 2011

Accident and delayed commission?

Hello, back in March I commissioned a partial costume off of someone.

This was to cost $300 and was paid in full. I saw two pictures of the work in progress in late march/early april.

3 months later without contact I get an email from her family saying she has been in a car accident and was in a coma/recovery for a total of 3 months. She then personally emails me, apologizes, and promises to continue work on the costume ASAP. This is fine with me, as obviously health>commissions and that only makes sense!

That was late June and now almost 4 months later I have not heard another word.

I have the full name of one of her family members and the state (US) she is in, allowing for (possible) phone contact. She has not personally given me a phone number so I feel creepy, but the internet gave me this information.

What do I do? I have tried contacting her through facebook and email.