October 12th, 2011

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Help? Questionable Commissioner

Final Edit:

After a lot of back and forth with Bambiboo3, we have both come to a compromise. She offered me several, what I considered fair options, and after working with her on them we came to a conclusion. She did not refund me the total/supplies, but nor did she keep the 30% either. I believe we came to a "happy" middle. I did keep in mind slot status, and materials, so I wanted to reflect this in the final decision well.

I think we both learned a lot from all of this, and am happy to say that we can both move on from this with what we learned.

With this, I am also closing the paypal disputes and marking them as resolved also.

Thank you again for your advice/efforts.



I will not be naming any names right now, as I am just looking for advice. I do not want to jump the gun, so to say, but I do need advice. I recently commissioned an artist, for a rather large purchase. I did what I thought was proper research, and went ahead and okay'd everything, after finding nothing wrong.

Communication with said artist was great until I paid off most of the item. I owe a little over 100 for the item, and I have not heard anything back from them.

This is still recent however. It took place mid September, but the recent lack of contact made me wonder, so I was talking with a friend and she pointed me to the artists_beware posting(s) on this individual. I was searching their "companies" name, and not their Fur Affinity name, which in hinds sight is my fault, considering I should have been more thorough in researching.

The A_B posts really have me worried though, because it seems like repeat behavior. What I am wondering is, should I cancel the commission? Is it too early to be worried? Am I just over reacting?

I have been trying to get in contact with the artist to confirm they received payment, and also to see if they had purchased any materials, because they where to okay it with me. Ever since I sent off my initial payment, I have heard nothing in return. As we all know, a little communication goes a long way, and is easy to rest one's mind. It worries me, because this is the start of the problems from the other beware posts. I also have a deadline I need the item by, and while it is not strict per say, it is a certain time frame we discussed, and she said was doable, but again, from the beware posts she misses deadlines all the time.

I want to handle this correctly, but I also don't want to be taken advantage of, so please let me know the best route to take. Thank you!


Firstly I will say I was contacted by the artist last night (I just saw it in the inbox) for my inquiry of fur colors. I initially emailed them Monday in regards to this (after no contact from me paying). So not a huge gap, and I finally did get an answer with what I wanted, and everything seems...back on track kinda?

However because I am still concerned, and this isn't an official beware, I will name the person.

The person is Bambiboo3. "Happy Tails" is the company name I was presented. And the commission was for a partial suit of my Corgi Character. I was given 800 dollars as the total, and still owe 150 on it.

As mentioned I am still somewhat concerned. I do believe that people can change, and I love her style, but this is a very large sum of money, and I don't want it to go beyond the point of not being able to do something about it, later on.

Edit: Edit:

I have made the choice to ask for a refund. I will post the screen shots if needed later.

Annnnd another edit:

I have had to open a dispute sadly, the screens can be found under the cut:


I got the following email from her, and was repulsed. To me it sounds like she is saying that she is withholding all of my payment.

I contacted paypal twice. The first time I was told that she informed them it was something that was on commission, and non tangible, which is why they closed the case.

They closed it AGAIN due to the same reasons. I once again called, and the woman I spoke to flat out told me, she had lied to paypal.

At this point the dispute is now open again. I am terrified, and litterally sick over this. What a horrible experience.

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