October 11th, 2011

Thalassa Eye

Advice Needed

I have kind of run into an odd situation and am generally unsure and uncomfortable with the idea it has produced. So here I am to ask everyone what your advice is.

The situation: I lost contact with an artist nearly a year ago, they have not read the note I sent them and I am reluctant to bombard them with more. Nor have they responded to any shouts left on their page.

However, it appears that their Significant Other (at least, the person I understand to be their SO from posts about such matters the artist made) is currently active. Is it considered to be against the 'rules' to politely message them and ask them to have their SO (the artist) contact you? I don't want to harass or bother them, I have no issue with them, I just don't know what happened to the artist. Is there some reason they no longer post? Is it just a really long hiatus? Do they ever intend to come back and finish unfinished work? Etc.