October 10th, 2011


Need some quick advice

Hey, I need some quick advice. How much of a say should a customer get in whether a commission is drawn privately and submitted in a public gallery?

I've recently been drawing commissions on livestream, and told a customer that his would be up next. He asked me if I could turn off the stream while I worked on his, and I politely declined. The way he likes having commissions done, it would be infinitely easier for me to stream it and have him comment on what he'd like changed while watching me draw it. He got upset, suggesting that as the customer it was his right to decide whether the art was done publicly. I disagreed, since I feel that as the person drawing it I get to decide how and when the piece gets done (within reason of course).

Normally I'd just agree, but two major details are holding me back. One, it's just a $25 commission, and I don't feel that I've been paid enough to compromise a convenient drawing time. Two, he tends to nitpick a lot and decide what he wants as I go along. Like he'll commission a comic page, then decide what he wants panel by panel, instead of giving a script upfront. He's always asking me to get on opencanvas or skype so he can watch as I draw, so really a stream would be super helpful for both of us. He just doesn't like that people will be watching.

I don't know, am I being too stubborn here?