September 25th, 2011

Alex_Dachshund BEWARE!!!


WHERE: Furrafinity.Net

WHAT: Digital art peice. THIS IS MY HALF: AND YOU CAN SEE that it was a trade.

WHEN: 7 months ago we agreed on a trade, I completed my half fairly quickly, thinking I'd get their half.

PROOF: My half
He told me he had no money to do stuff. (YET HE KEPT BUYING COMMISIONS. This I dont understand)
THEN After telling me he was going to finish my half, He opens up more commisions and trades KNOWING he owes people stuff (NOT just me.)
NOW THIS is what angered me. he blocked me. This really is unprofessional and I really got cheated on this one. :\

EXPLAIN: Basically all stated above. Alex and I agreed on a trade about 7 months ago, I finished my half. A few months pass, and I remind him... then a few more pass, I remind him Again. He gives me the "I cancelled it" thing (as seen on one of my other reports) and tells me I'll finish it. I then see he opens more commisions and trades. His EX actually tried to do his half FOR him, as an offer. I declined, and She threatened me thinking that I was insulting her. She said "I will make it hell for you" You can see this part here:
NOW I MUST SAY: ALEX (as far as was explained) did NOT put his Ex up to this. Still, Im unsatisfied because they did not finish their part. And it was agreed HE did his own part.
After Alex limits trades to his friends only, he BLOCKS me. Which is completely the last straw.

I would avoid this person... I thought they were pretty cool at first, But I got tired of being stood up and dooped.


He's Saying he was going to finish it and throw in more things.

He's also got his watchers pissed and they dont even know whats going on.

EDIT: He has finished his half
And apologized for the incident. :3 We have (as far as I know) made up. I dont like having bad relationships with people and I dont like senceless arguing.